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We called them, and they showed up quickly and were very friendly and helpful. They answered all my husband's questions and fixed our problem. We would call them again if needed.

Patricia Dickson

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Are unexpected RV breakdowns holding you back from your travel dreams? With our same-day service, we can swiftly get you back to your adventures. At Mayday RV Mobile Service, we prioritize your time and peace of mind, offering quick, reliable repairs and comprehensive maintenance for your RV. Our certified experts are dedicated to delivering top-quality service to ensure your RV runs smoothly every mile. Start your journey confidently, knowing we're here for you today and every day.

35+ Years of Expertise

You deserve the best on the road, and with over 35 years of expertise, you can trust our seasoned hands to deliver just that. Our deep knowledge ensures your RV gets top-tier care so you can travel with absolute peace of mind.

Unmatched Quality

You expect excellence, and that's what we're committed to providing. Our quality of service is unmatched because you should settle for nothing less. Experience our dedication to first-class service, where your satisfaction is our pride.

Competitive Pricing

You're smart with your budget, and so are we. Our competitive pricing means cost-effective solutions for your RV's needs. Enjoy premium service without the price tag because we believe in giving you the best value.

Your RV Repair and Maintenance Checklist

From essential utilities to specialized installations, our full suite of services is designed to keep every inch of your RV in peak condition. Here's what we expertly handle for you:

A/C & Furnace


Camper Inspections



Hitch Installs

Roof Maintenance/Repair

New Roof Replacement

Special Order Parts

Rotten Wood Repairs for Roofs, Slide-outs, and Floors

Brake and Hub Repairs

RV Repair and Maintenance Services

Roll Smoothly, Live Fully

Embark on a journey free from the worries of breakdowns with our all-encompassing RV repair and maintenance services. Whether it's the appliances, the comfort of a well-functioning HVAC system, the necessity of reliable plumbing, or the intricacies of your electrical setup, we've got you covered.

Our expert technicians are skilled in every facet of RV care, ensuring that your home on wheels is in its best shape no matter where the road takes you. With our comprehensive approach, we don't just fix problems; we prevent them so you can focus on making memories.

Every service or repair comes with a complimentary roof inspection.
Man working on RV air conditioning unit, highlighting specialized maintenance and repair skills in the RV industry."

Exclusive Service Specials

Annual Appliance Service

Our annual appliance service ensures your RV's key appliances operate efficiently and safely. These services are crucial for a comfortable and reliable RV experience, maintaining optimal performance of your essential on-board systems.

  • Air Conditioning Service: $169.00
  • Refrigerator Service: $84.50
  • Furnace Service: $169.00
  • Water Heater Service: $84.50
Basic Winterization Service

Our basic winterization service, priced at $190.18 plus tax, includes thoroughly preparing your RV for the colder months. This service includes:

  • Complete system check to prevent freeze damage.
  • Includes up to 2 gallons of anti-freeze.
18-Point Inspection

Our 18-Point inspection is a comprehensive check-up designed to address all the critical areas of your RV; Priced at $169.00 this service ensures everything is in top shape for your safety and comfort.

  • Windows and Sidewalls: Sealant Crack/Gap Inspection
  • Steps and Ladders: Security and Operation Check
  • Roof: Membrane Tear/Cut Inspection and Seal Examination
  • MH Cab Area: Check of Dash Lights/Gauges, Stereo, Locks, Windows, Wipers, Mirrors, and Cab Heat-A/C
  • Generator: Operation Check and Oil Level Test (If Applicable)
  • Engine: Fluid, Hose, and Belt Inspection (If Applicable)
  • Propane: LP Drop Test
  • Plumbing: Visible Line, Fitting, Sink, Faucet, and Toilet Leak Check
  • Electric: Power Outlets, Interior Lights, and Appliance Operation Test
  • Monitor Panel: Indicator Functionality Test
  • Flooring: Water Damage Inspection, Especially Around Slideouts
  • Cabinets: Hinge and Lock Functionality Check
  • Walls and Ceiling: Water Damage Inspection
  • Windows and Doors: Operation and Locking Mechanism Check
  • Hitch: Smooth Operation Check (If Applicable)
  • Tires and Rims: Inflation, Dry Rot Inspection, and Rim Damage Check
  • Lights Exterior: Operation Check, Including Trailer Plug
  • Slideouts: Operation and Seal Inspection
  • Storage Compartments: Operation, Lock Function, and Seal Check
  • Awnings: Operation Check and Fabric Inspection

Ready for the Road Ahead?

Don't let the unknown keep you from your next great adventure. Book your service or inspection today and ensure your RV is road-ready. With our expert care and competitive pricing, we're here to get you back to exploring with confidence.